How much is your time worth? What would it be worth to simplify expense reporting?

XpenseTrax does this and more for pennies on the dollar. We will simplify your life by saving you time and mental anguish, as well as meet and exceed your needs in one of the most unproductive, but essential, parts of your business; documenting and reporting expenses.

Whether you are a sole proprietor of a small business or the CFO of a Fortune 500 corporation, XpenseTrax will solve one of your most costly and time consuming problems; documenting and reporting expenses.

How much time do you, your clients or employees “waste” poring over receipts, expense codes and mileage records? How much time does your accounting office “waste” poring over those same documents to make sure they are submitted correctly, and if they are not, having them corrected?

XpenseTrax has taken the “expense” out of expense documentation and expense reporting so that your time, and the time of your clients or employees, can be spent more productively. Our streamlined process is so simple and easy that everyone will be able to devote more time to important things.

XpenseTrax has made this arduous task simple and easy. We have even added other features that create value for you. What are they and how does it work?

If you can get online, you can gain access to our secured, dedicated servers with Red Hat Certified Engineers guarding your data. Enter mileage and expenses, fill out ...
Expenses – Our easy-to-use form includes everything you need to fully document an expense; the “who”, “what”, “where”, “when” and “why” is in the top portion of the documentation process. Then you can input the mileage, category of expense (complete with your expense code if required) and even a jpg of the receipt associated with the expense. You could even attach a jpg of a client’s business card so you always have contact information as close as your iPhone, Android or BlackBerry.

Business Trips – Documenting your entire business trip has never been easier. There are four ways to use the Business Trips section to document your trip.
  1. Expense - thoroughly document and categorize expenses (with your expense code if required)with the ability to attach a jpg of the receipt. You can also use an expense ...
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With, you benefit from a proven solution with no capital investments, and no specialized skills required. Anyone with basic skills and an internet-connected computer, iPhone, Android or Blackberry ...